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    Jack Moy & Glöden News

    New Single – White Trash Lucky

    Official Music Video by Jack Moy!
    Directed by Ea Czyz & Danger Österlin

    Youtube: https://youtu.be/G5Syxe4VlSg
    Spotify: https://goo.gl/ZdYHv1
    iTunes: https://goo.gl/5IyfSz



    Jack Moy  has entered into an exclusive management deal with Erik Grönwall at Greenwall Management.

    “Jack Moy is by far one of the most charismatic and energetic guys I have ever met and together with his “Glöden” they transform that charisma and energy into their own musical niche under the name Jack Moy

    “I’ve been following Jack Moy for some time now and after a long conversation one afternoon about the music business, creativity, philosophy etc. and after watching Jack Moy live, I was completely mesmerized and knew I wanted to be a part of JMG.” – Erik Grönwall, Greenwall Management

    “We’re excited about working with Greenwall Management and to have Erik on our Team. We’ve searched high and low after someone who has the same love for music and share our values as a band and we know we’ve found it in Erik.” – Jack Moy 

    With over 11 million streams on Spotify, regular radio plays in both Scandinavia and internationally and guest appearances on prime time TV, the British/ Swede Jack Moy and his “Glöden” have shown that there is a place for the organic indie rock sound in a computerized DJ-era and they have found their own musical niche under the name Jack Moy .

    Secret release party – CAN’T STAND MYSELF

    Secret release party – CAN’T STAND MYSELF

    Last night was of the hook, we had such a good time. To all you guys who came out last night, you are truly the best but i have to thank some of you a bit more:

    Music video for ’CAN’T STAND MYSELF’: https://youtu.be/-aiiNzLEblA

    Spotify: http://spoti.fi/2e4Parb
    Itunes: http://apple.co/2esKmtI
    Soundcloud: http://bit.ly/2e6AB92

    Natasa Stanojevic (@natasaslisket) – Thanks for the awesome tattoos. It’s never a real party until someone gets a tattoo.

    Ea Czyz (@ea_czyz) & Eric Danger Österlin – None of this would be possible without you guys, thanks for making the video for ’CAN’T STAND MYSELF’ and thanks for all the help to make this party happen.

    Emelie Carlsson (@ecrlsson) – Love of my life, thanks for everything!

    Victor Leppämäki & Henrik Henkipenky Hällberg- Thanks for all your help, getting the sound system installed and being the best guys.

    Christopher Matthew Nakabaale(@nakabaale) & DuQe Duncan (@duqe08) – The best guys around, always keeping the party lit!

    Albin Johansson – All the hours of hard work you’ve put in this new album and in the single is truly an inspiration, thanks for everything.

    Matias Aros(@its.aros) & David Leif Sture (@leffesture) – Thanks for jumping in on short notice, you guys nailed it last night.

    #norrlandsguld #jägermeister #sthlmprint #jackmoy